After more than 24 years of respectful silence, Maria Isabel tells the whole truth about her life with her husband Pablo Escobar. No one knew him better than she did.
His secrets, his unconditional love and his clashes full of fear.

2 episodes of 60 minutes


In a commercial flight with European destination, the commissary on board announces by loudspeaker that the flight has a delay, since it must modify its route of flight; because the government of France does not allow the use of its airspace, since in the plane travels the family of the drug trafficker and terrorist Pablo Escobar Gaviria.
From there, no country would allow entry to the family of the world most wanted drug trafficker.
This is the starting point of the story of a woman who lived married to the emblematic bandit of the eighties. Full of luxuries and eccentricities, but empty of freedom and pride.
The documentary begins her story when she must face life, with no one to respect her, no one to take care of her, no one to support her, more than the strength of her children’s love for the sole purpose of asking permission to live.
And ends in the innocent and pure eyes of a 13-year-old girl who feels the look full of love and desire of an older man and falls surrendered to love.

6 episodes of 60 minutes


A monthly delivery of 60 minutes
The successful documentary Sins of my father, in its initial cover the question: And if you were the son of Pablo Escobar? a rhetorical question that demonstrated and at the same time concealed the difficulties of being the son of the most important terrorist narco in the world in the last decades. However, Juan Pablo Escobar, today understands that question is valid to understand the stories of great personalities of the world that we live.

What if you were the son of …?
Juan Pablo Escobar, today Sebastián Marroquín initiates a succession of documentary stories with children of great personalities of today and of always. The son of Rodriguez Orejuela – Head of the poster of Cali- The son of Bob Marley; the son of Barry Seal or Fidel Castro, are some of the most emblematic and interesting examples to know behind their eyes the true story of their parents.

– Son of Chapo Guzman
– Son of Barry Seal
– Son of Bob Marley

– Son of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela
– Son of Fidel Castro
– Sons of Margaret Thatcher

The only historical narrative that reveals Pablo Escobar’s connections with the DEA and the CIA for drug trafficking.
A bestseller revealing the drug trafficking routes designed by Pablo Escobar to reach the United States without problems.

A book of 13 explosive film chapters.

A global brand, a screenplay practically ready to film, a success assured.

An investigation that only the son of the drug lord could carry out, with unpublished testimonies of the main enemies of his father narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar added to one of the old members and Bandidos of the poster of Medellin.

 In Fraganti is the second editorial success of Juan Pablo Escobar on his father. A more critical, sagacious and committed look; in which he leaves behind his naive son position to go in search of the most hidden truths of the life of his father, the most emblematic drug trafficker in history.

A cinematographic novel ideal for the market of these times. The most intrinsic story of the life of Pablo Escobar divided into episodes full of intrigue, action and violence; revenge and anecdotes revealing the world of drugs and underworld.

The first historical narrative of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria after 21 years of his death; made by his son Juan Pablo Escobar, today Sebastián Marroquin.

An intimate Narrative that questions and unmasks the atrocities of the most emblematic and successful fictions of Pablo Escobar: Narcos and the Pattern of Evil.

The look of a son full of love travels through the past and discovers the worst extremes of cruelty to which his father was able to reach whom he loved so much and received infinite love.

A book of a son who does not seek redemption or public forgiveness for his father but found the most shocking account of the consequences of violence.

A historical narrative divided into 15 chapters that describe the life of Pablo Escobar under the eyes of his son, with the help of the investigations that he made, with whom were his partners, friends and enemies of his father. A literary work that will reach the cinema to tell the only authorized biography of the story ever revealed by Pablo Escobar.

An authentic bestseller translated into more than 14 languages, with more than 300,000 copies sold to the moment and strongly critically acclaimed.

All characters and events are based on interviews with Pablo Escobar’s son and his hitmen.
“When you decide to get involved in the business of drug trafficking, you inevitably decide to go to war… therefore, you have to build an army.”
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria – 1975.

The Killer Nannies tells the story of the hitmen who were closest to Pablo Escobar. They were a group of eight young men whose double mission was to protect their boss’s family while equally having to commit ruthless atrocities at his command.  These young men spent their days taking care of Juan Pablo and Manuela, Escobar’s two little children. They would take the children to school, to the park, to the shopping mall. They escorted them in all of their outings, took them on trips, and spent a lot of time doing whatever was necessary to entertain and take care of them. By doing so, they developed an affectionate and protector-type relationship, fully integrated with Escobar’s immediate family.

This situation presents a contrast which is key to the series: here are a group of men who kill innocent people without batting an eyelash, but who at the same time are gentle caretakers of their boss’s children.  

A psychological dichotomy difficult to imagine, almost schizophrenic, is represented in these rich and complex characters who on one hand possess an assassin’s cold-blooded cruelty, and on the other paternal tenderness and caring.



The series is based on real events.  Like in Fargo and in Goodfellas, we want to portray violent situations with a touch of black humor. When the events are shown simply as they occur, seriously and without making fun of the matter, the absurdity and the eccentricity of these people’s lifestyle exposes itself, generating an indirect kind of humour. 

Although many of the main characters in real life have died (been assassinated), we rely on the stories told and commentaries made by Juan Pablo Escobar (Pablo Escobar’s son) and on some of the surviving hitmen who took care of him during his first years of life. 

The “drug trafficker’s world” in which he lived was hugely surrealistic. This reality that at certain moments is truly unbelievable, demented and grotesque contains a black humour that helps one to experience a therapeutic catharsis when facing the horror. 

Drugs and alcohol provide a constant backdrop throughout the entire series. The hitmen used marijuana, cocaine and hard liquor on a daily basis and this provides a psychedelic overtone to their actions and behaviour and to the set.


The story interweaves fleeting moments of family intimacy, where the role of the hitmen is loving and emotional, with irrational outbreaks of violence and barbarism, where these same characters, outside of the children’s eye, are cynics, nihilists, and assassins.
Their relationship with Escobar’s children gives another dimension to the characters, humanizes them, and shows a tender and kind side. (a side of them that is tender and kind.)
The hitmen’s stories of savagery vary in length and in terms of which characters are involved, and are independent of each other.
The Killer Nannies portrays the adventures of a gang of thugs with Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome.

8 episodes of 42 minutes each.


There were eight hitmen/nannies of Juan Pablo when he was eight years old. The series consists of eight episodes. Eight stories narrated by the real life hitmen of Escobar make up this series which, full of violent atrocity, is at the same time full of human feeling and kindness.

Each episode relates some wild anecdote based on the actions of Escobar’s hired assassins. And the series as a whole, episode by episode, shows the development of a human relationship between a rich boy who has everything and who lives in a golden castle, and a group of youngsters who are practically uncared for, lacking in education and love, coming from very poor and dysfunctional families, and who see the only way of life as being one of delinquency and robbery.


  1. If you die, I’ll kill you
  2. The rescue of «Orejas»
  3. Film me, I like it
  4. The Fat Lambas
  5. Bullets at will
  6. Kidnapped dead
  7. The hanging eye
  8. Party in the Cathedral

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Pablo Escobar, a concept album will be released with snippets and spoken words of Pablo himself with 1 tracks,  sung by the iconic drug lord and proposed by dj Dru Jace.


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